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Ministry Of Education

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is dedicated to its citizens and strives to ensure that all their needs and demands are given the appropriate means of attainment. The development of an e-service provided by the Ministry of Education, enables scholarships students and students studying on their own expense to change their current educational institution or university, according to the classified, recommended, and accredited universities by the Ministry of Education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Log in to the service link.
  • Select study services.
  • (Select (Request to change a university.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Attach a college admission letter.
  • Attach an official transcript from your university that includes the number of completed and remaining hours, GPA, Specialization, and the start date of the study.
  • Attach a letter from your university that indicates the number of completed and remaining hours and expected graduation date.
  • (Click (Submit.
  • The applicant will be informed about the approval or rejection of the request via email or the notifications on the website. You can follow up the request by selecting (Follow-up on Requests) list on the website.
  • The study must take place at the headquarters of the classified university. This does not mean that the branches of the universities are within the ranked universities, unless they are indicated in the list of ranked universities.

  • In the event of that the specialization differs in the upcoming stage of studying in relation to the previous stage, you must study additional courses. The number of additional courses varies in accordance with the extent of the difference between the two specializations.

  • If there is an overlap in the academic requirements between the bachelor’s and master’s levels, it is necessary that:

    - The overlap does not exceed nine hours in accordance with the semester system or the equivalent requirements of the master’s degree.
    - The requirements, in which the overlap occurred, are within the advanced levels of the undergraduate program.

  • You must ensure that the postgraduate program selected is an academic program for specialists and not a professional program for non-specialists, (it must qualify for the doctoral stage in the case of masters), as some classified universities offer programs for non-specialists such as the Master of Computing program at the University of Bradford.

  • In the case of studying the Master of Law, ensure that the student has a bachelor’s degree in law, Sharia law, or regulations.

  • Ensure that the program to be studied is not intended for foreign students only, even if the university selected is within the ranked universities.

  • Ensure that the doctoral degree granted to the student is the highest degree in the specialty within the country granting the degree. (Some countries grant certificates under the title of PhD, which may not be the highest academic degree in that specific country.

  • In the case of studying for a bachelor’s degree, based on a two-year diploma, the student must study at least 60% of the bachelor’s program in the university that offers the bachelor’s degree, provided that the hours are not 60% of the orientation year hours.

  • In the case of a three-year bachelor’s program, the student must obtain an honors degree to be equated with a full bachelor’s degree.

  • The selected major must be in the language of the country, with the exception of studying English in countries that do not speak English, in the event that the major selected is in English.

  • In order to study medicine and dentistry, the committee requires that the duration of the course of studying for the bachelor’s level must be at least five years in addition to the internship year. 

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