Obtaining a Restoration Loan

An e-service provided by the Social Development Bank, which enables citizens to request a restoration loan for refurbishment, maintenance or repair of structural damages or emergency, in addition to the purpose of adding or modifying the necessities for residential homes.
  • Access the banks website,Move to the application page.
  • Register the identification number and date of birth on the site. In case of conformity, the information of the citizen will be brought from the concerned governmental authorities.
  • The applicants identity and date of birth are verified by the citizens data in the National Information Center.
  • Premiums are collected through SADAD or by direct deduction from the employees salary through his agency.
  • The application will be processed internally in the bank.
  • The system will determine an appointment for the citizen to send the required documents via mail.
  • The citizen completes the required data to request the loan.

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