Electronic Deposit of Enterprises Financial Statements

Ministry of Commerce

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Commerce through (Qawaem) program, which enables entities and audit firms to upload and send their financial statements via (XBRL) language. Such service shall assist the enterprise or its auditor to insert accurate financial statements and reduce the possibility of errors in them, this in turn helps raise the quality and accuracy of financial data. The service further saves time and effort of the enterprises to submit their financial statements on an annual basis to the Ministry of Commerce or to other relevant authorities, e.g. General Authority of Zakat and Income, via a unified system.

Government, Business
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1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
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  • Download Qawaem XBRL Program from the main page.
  • Open the program and fill-in the required information and data.
  • Click on "Create Financial Report" in the left side menu.
  • Prepare a PDF file to include auditor's report, financial statements and the notes.
  • Go to the main page of Qawaem and click on "Registered firms".
  • Enter the user name and password, and then click on "submit".
  • If you are registered for more than one entity, choose the entity you want to upload its financial statements.
  • Click on "financial statements", and then click on "Prepare financial statements".
  • Enter the end date of the financial year of the entity, upload the required files, choose the auditor(s) and then click on "Next".
  • You can follow the status of the filing through the system or your email.
  • The applicant must be previously registered in the Qawaem program.
  • For more details click here.

Last Modified Date: 17/06/2021 - 8:26 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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