An e-service provided by the Social Development Bank, which enables beneficiaries to print their clearance online, and to submit it to the agencies requesting it, while providing the verifiability of the clearance online.
  • Access the Social Security Bank website,Go to the e-services page.
  • Select a clearance service.
  • Enter the ID number and date of birth.
  • The identity and date of birth of the applicant will be verified by the citizens data in the National Information Center.
  • In case of conformity The citizens data are presented and the status of the citizen is shown in the bank in the case of existing loans.
  • In the absence of loans or guarantees, the clearance of a citizens notice can be made available with a certificate number registered in the system.
  • A clearance check service is accessible where the number of citizen ID and certificate is entered to verify the validity of the certificate.

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Mobile apps, Portal,

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1.0 Days(s)

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