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Social Development Bank

An e-service provided by the Social Development Bank, which aims to finance projects with an investment cost of more than SAR 300,000 and do not exceed SAR 8 million with having a distinguishing criterion set by the Bank.

Target audience
90.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  • Go to the website of the Social Development Bank.
  • Click on (I want to start a business), which can be found in the middle of the main page.
  • A list of financing programs will appear, select (Commercial Franchise Program).
  • After reading the terms, click on the e-registration portal.
  • Fill in the required information through the National Single Sign-On service (SSO).
  • Validity of identification and date of birth of the applicant will be verified through the citizen s information located in the National Information Center.
  • If approved, your information will be obtained from the concerned government agencies.
  • You must complete the information required to apply for the loan.
  • Submit the required documents, a personal interview will be conducted.
  • Sign the financing contract.
  • The beneficiary must be a Saudi national.
  • The location of the activity must be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The applicant must not be younger 21 years of age and not older than 55 years of age.
  • The financial and credit situation of the beneficiary must allow the applicant to be eligible for the funding.
  • The amount of the financial non-payments in the beneficiary s credit history should not exceed 15,000 SAR, provided that the payments do not exceed 90 days based on the credit report, with the exception of utility bills, Payment invoices must be provided.
  • The funding must be disbursed on the project to be financed, The self-contribution shall not be less than 15% of the total project cost.
  • The project shall not have been operating for more than 3 years, with sales not exceeding 3 million riyals, The amount of financing required for the project shall not be less than 500 thousand riyals.
  • The required financing amount should not exceed 4 million riyals, The investment cost should not exceed 8 million riyals, The study of the project must be presented when applying for financing on the bank s website.
  • The qualification must not be less than a high school diploma, It is not required to have experience in commercial franchise, The approval of the franchising and the passing of the training course are sufficient.

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