Reporting about Mutamar Who Fails to Leave the Country or escape

An e-service provided by Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, which enables Umrah companies to report about Mu'tamar who escape or fails to leave the country.
  • In case the pilgrims fail to return at the specified time without a legitimate excuse, the Umrah Company enters (Makhaa) system to enter the necessary information to report the escape (escape notice), and attaches a copy of the passport.
  • Segel)system changes the status of the pilgrim to(escape) and provides a request( number for the escape process.
  • Send the escape data online to the Kudi Escape Committee.
  • The administration sends a representative from the escape committee, along with the representative of the Umrah Company, to the residence of the pilgrim to prove the state of escape using the tablets.
  • Informing the Ministry of Interior online about the escape.

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