An e-service provided by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, which enables beneficiaries to request for Hosting Mu’tamirs.
  • The Host will submit a request for hosting the Mutamar via the Ministrys website.,Clarifying whether the host is a Government employee or a private sector employee., Determining the Umrah company associated with the Mutamar.,The reason for hosting.
  • The Host acknowledges and undertakes electronically to return the Mutamar to his country before the end of his Eqama., And the Host pays subsistence, transport, and housing.
  • Sending the hosting data from the website of the Ministry to the company Omrah concerned through (Makhaa) to approve the request.
  • The Umrah company evaluate the request, decide to approve or reject the request.
  • in case of approving the ( Sajal) the register system determines the request number for the hosting letter.
  • The Ministry verifies the identity of the host( citizen or resident) via Ministry of Interior, and his work if he works in a government agency via the Ministry of Civil Service or working in a private sector via the Ministry of Labor.
  • After verifying and checking, the ministry sends electronic hosting data, After verification and verification, the Ministry sends the electronic hosting data to the passports to approve electronically.
  • Informing the company and the host via the website and (Makhaa) about the status of the request.

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