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Registering an agency

Ministry Of Justice

A service that enables the beneficiary to apply for registering the information of a power of attorney, then to proceed with issuing the (POA) by the virtual notary public

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Open the service of e-registration of an agency
  • Select the type of the agency
  • Add the agent’s and the principals’, if they are many, information
  • Add the clause, article and expiration date of the agency
  • Submit the application
  • The beneficiary will be provided with the application number
  • Visit the notary public with the application number to proceed issuing the agency
  • The applicant must visit the entity to verify the identity.
  • Have never had a power of attorney before
  • The power of attorney is valid for more than a year
  • A high-risk power of attorney must be validated

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