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Issuing Driving License

General Directorate of Public Security

A new electronic service aims to obtain a valid driving license in Saudi Arabia for citizens and residents. The service allows citizens and residents to carry out the necessary process procedures to acquire a driver’s license that permits them to legally drive in the Kingdom, and then the driving license will be sent to the national address for the applicant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  1. Visit the Absher Platform
  2. Select "Issuing a Driver's License"
  3. Book an appointment in a driving school for theoretical testing. If you hold a valid international or foreign license, please skip to step 6.
  4. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a message verifying your registration.
  5. Perform and pass the necessary hours and requirements. This includes medical examination at one of the accredited centers, including the practical and theoretical stages. Supervised by the General Traffic Department.
  6. Applicants are exempted from the test if they hold a valid foreign or international driving license recognized by the relevant department in the Kingdom.
  7. To follow up on the status of your license, log in to your Asbher account.
  8. Click on [My Services], then [Inquires], then [Traffic], and then [Public Query Driving License]
  9. Enter the required information, including National ID or Iqama number and date of birth.
  10. Click on [View] for all information about the driving license.
  • To have an activated account on the Absher platform.
  • The age should not be less than 18 years.
  • Payment of required fees.
  • Medical examination from certified medical centers Certified medical centers list.

  • Bring the original copy of your ID card.
  • Bring a copy of the appointment.

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