Injury Report (Entering New Occupational Injury)

An e-service provided by the General Organization for Social Insurance, which enables the employer to report a work injury that occurred to one of his workers participating in the GOSI system to the designated treatment authority or to the competent insurance office, so that the injured contributor is referred to treatment in hospitals and approved private medical centers, and insurance benefits are paid to him. The General Organization for Social Insurance provides comprehensive medical care for people with work injuries through hospitals and private medical centers that it contracts with, without limits, and according to the health status of the injured. Medical care includes diagnostic and treatment services, medications, medical supplies, and prosthetics. In addition to monetary compensation such as: daily allowances or allowances in cases of total or partial disability or occupational diseases.
  • Go to the General Organization for Social Insurance website (GOSI).
  • Select (Services for Establishment).
  • Sign-in.
  • Enter the injury details.
  • Enter the subscriber s number, ID number or passport number, then select the name of the person you want.
  • Enter the date and time of the injury, the date of termination of work, the date the worker was notified, the place of the injury, and the activity being conducted at the time of the injury.
  • Acknowledge the information provided above.
  • Enter the contact information.
  • Click (correct).

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