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Ministry of Health

​A service that allows the user to add dependents (son, daughter, mother, father, husband/e) to follow up on their health conditions.

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Service launch date: Dec 31, 2018, 8:00:00 PM GMT

1. From the list of services, click on the (dependent) service. 2. Click on (Add dependent), and select the type of relationship (daughter/son, father/mother, husband/wife). 3. The data is retrieved by linking with the family tree. If it is not available, the data (identity number and date of birth) is entered by the user and verified. 4. Click on (Request for approval), and select the approval mechanism (Waiting for the follower to approve the request via Sehhaty app or sending the verification code to the follower's mobile). If the dependent is a son/daughter under the age of 18, the application is accepted directly.​
Create an account on Sehhaty
1. Mobile Number. 2. ID. 3. Date of Birth.

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