Complaint Against Being Exposed to Electromagnetic Radiation

An e-service provided by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC),wich enables citizens to submit complaints regarding being exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Online format is prepared by the complaining party.
  • Claim is examined. If the site has already been measured the customer will be advised accordingly and the case will be closed.
  • If the matter is within the jurisdiction of the Authority, the claimant will be advised accordingly and the case will be closed.
  • If measurement is needed area manager will address the Consultant for necessary action.
  • Consultant communicates with customer, arranges for necessary measurement and files a report to the Authority.
  • If the measurements are OK, customer will be notified accordingly by legal department.
  • In case of substandard measurement, service provider will be instructed to make necessary corrections.

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35.0 Days(s)

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