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Issuance of equivalent certificates for students

Ministry Of Education

An electronic service allows the students to obtain equivalent Academic certificates for students who hold academic qualifications from outside Saudi Arabia without the need to visit the entity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Log in to the certificate equivalency portal through the following link:
  • From the home page, choose the degree for which you want to request equivalency
  • And read the general conditions and then agree to them by clicking on the box "" I agree to the terms and instructions" box
  • Press the "Next" button to move between steps.
  • Enter fields for certificate data.
  • Enter the fields for the transferred hours, if any, by clicking on the "Add" button.
  • Enter the fields for previous degrees by clicking on the "Add" button.
  • Attach the required attachments such as national ID, passport, certificate to be equalized, transcript.... etc
  • And emphasize the review of documents and ensure their accuracy and clarity and send the request and a window will appear containing the application number.
  • You can follow up on the progress of the application through the main page "Follow-up Requests"
  • The need to obtain prior approval to study abroad from the Ministry
  • of Education for those who study at their own expense, provided that this approval does not constitute a commitment from the Ministry to equivalency after graduation
  • The presence of the institution and the program from which the student graduated from the equation within the list of universities and programs recommended by the Ministry, and in the case of educational certificates issued by educational institutions not included in the lists of recommended educational institutions, each case is considered separately according to the principles of recommending non-Saudi higher education institutions applied by the Committee for the Affairs of Non-Saudi Higher Education Institutions.
  • The previous certificate must be issued by the Kingdom or equivalent by the Committee.
  • The student must study in universities or colleges recommended or accepted by the committee at least 75% of the degree requirements.
  • The student transferring from one educational institution to another must complete at least 25% of the graduation requirements of the educational institution granting the certificate.
  • The student may be part-time during the master's and doctoral stages in accordance with what is stipulated in these rules for each stage of study, and the residency condition is considered an investigator for scholarship students with a report from the cultural attaché in the country of study stating that.
  • For the equivalence of any certificate, the documents must be certified by the Saudi cultural attaché in the country from which the certificate was issued or by the Saudi embassy and the nearest Saudi cultural attaché if there is no Saudi cultural attaché in that country
  • The principle is that the non-Saudi university degree is equalized with its counterparts in the Kingdom, but it is permissible in some cases that do not meet the minimum stipulated in this regulation for the requirements of the degree, that the equivalency is in the degree that precedes it and meets its requirements.
  • Special conditions for equivalency of the second university degree (master's):
  • For the equivalency of the second university degree (master's degree and its equivalent), in addition to what is stated in the general foundations, the following is required:
  • To be preceded by a first university degree.
  • The duration of study to obtain it should not be less than one academic year.
  • Passing a number of methodological courses of not less than 24 semester hours or its equivalent with the submission of scientific research (master's thesis) or studying a number of courses of not less than 30 semester credit hours or its equivalent without submitting a thesis or to be done with research only.
  • Regularity, full-time and residence in the country of study The period required to complete the curricular courses, if any, provided that the period of regularity, full-time and residence in the country of study is not less than "one academic year" after the first university degree.
  • The degree holder must have achieved the required courses or written research required by the university.
  • The subject of the master's study must be in the field of study of the student at the undergraduate level or a similar specialization, or the holder of the certificate must have passed sufficient supplementary courses in the event of a difference in specialization, or that the committee finds a convincing justification for the difference in specialization.
  • The principle is that there is no overlap in the academic requirements for the bachelor's and master's stages, and in the event of overlap, the following rules apply: ◦ The overlap should not exceed nine hours according to the semester system, or its equivalent from the master's requirements.
  • The courses in which the overlap occurred must be within the advanced levels of the bachelor's program.
  • The committee may consider the equivalency of the second university degree without the requirement to obtain the first university degree if the university system grants the first and second degrees and the study system at the university allows the continuation of study to obtain the second university degree without obtaining the first university degree, in the event that it meets the requirements for obtaining the two degrees.
  • For those who have a three-year post-secondary Bachelor of Military Science from the Kingdom or its equivalent and have not previously obtained a non-military bachelor's degree and wish to continue their studies to obtain a master's degree, the following shall be taken into account: ◦ Master's degrees in military disciplines or similar disciplines such as Master of Civil Protection, Risk Management, Police Sciences, Criminal Justice, Criminal Science, Security Sciences, Safety Sciences, Civil Defense Management, etc. from military colleges Or civil can be equalized without the requirement to pass courses or additional study hours.
  • Master's degrees in non-military disciplines or similar disciplines can be equated in passing supplementary courses of not less than 30 semester hours or its equivalent in the specialization to be studied before starting the master's study
  • There are no requirements.

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