Marriage to Foreigner

Emirate Of Hael Province

This service allows the Saudi male to request permission for marrying a non-Saudi female born outside Saudi Arabia.

Citizen, Individuals
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1.0 Days(s)
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  • The applicant should include in his application letter the country name of the non-Saudi female that he want to get married with her.
  • A copy of the applicant’s National ID if he is not married. If the applicant is married, he should submit a copy of the family ID.
  • The applicant must not be younger than 35 years old and older than 70 years old. If the applicant is under the age 35, he can request marrying a non-Saudi female if he is divorced and has been divorced for six months, he is ill or his wife is ill, or he h
  • A copy of the divorce decree if he is divorced.
  • A copy of the death certificate if his wife is dead.
  • If the non-Saudi female he want to get married with is a resident in Saudi Arabia, the applicant should submit a copy of her valid Iqama (resident ID).
  • Remove the divorced wife’s name from the family ID.

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