Government Agencies inquiry about the Appropriate Programs for Employee

This service allows government agencies to inquire about the programs that are suitable for the trainee according to the job registered in the system, using the civil registry number.
  • Enter the IPA platform.
  • Click on e-services.
  • Click on the nomination portal.
  • Click on (Start Service).
  • When the login page for nomination system appears, enter the user name, which is the civil registry number, and the password, and then click (Login).
  • From the list of nomination services, click on the required programs link.
  • In the application loops, the employee's rank must allow him to be nominated for the program, so choose the title from the (title) drop-down list, and enter the tasks in the assigned tasks field.
  • A list of programs directed to the employee to be nominated will appear to you according to the nomination type.

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