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Ministry of Media

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Media, which enables beneficiaries to request approval to publish a book and to enquire about the books that got approval for publishing.

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Citizen, Resident, Government, Business
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7.0 Days(s)
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Arabic and English
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IVR, Portal,
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Customer support

  • Log in the website,Upload an electronic copy of the publication.
  • You will be provided with initial (Print Permission) to be registered in King Fahad National Library.
  • After clicking on (Request for Publication Registration in King Fahad National Library)., you will be moved to the registration page. And fill out 90% of the data instead of that, some data and electronic approval will remain.
  • The International Standard Number (ISBN) will be issued and the Ministry will be notified electronically to complete the final clearance process.
  • The applicant will get the final approval after uploading an electronic copy of the publication that matches the printed copy with The International Standard Number (ISBN).

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