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Custom Clearance Permit

Communications, Space and Technology Commission

An e-service provided by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), wich enables to examinating the requests for clearing technical devices and send the technical opinion to the customs.

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Individuals, Businesses, Government, Citizen, Resident
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Select e-services from the menu bar on the licensing system for communications and information technology page.
  • Select Customs Clearance.
  • Enter the required information related to the shipment including basic information, order information, contents of the shipment, attachments and comments.
  • Select Submit, then a message will appear confirming that the request has been submitted successfully and the number of the submitted application will appear.
  • The device must be certified.
  • Some devices require a special certificate or inspections by the authority to obtain their licenses or allocate frequencies or their use.
  • For individuals: copy of the ID, contact number, details of the communication.
  • For companies and government agencies: Communication details.
  • More in the Service User Manual.

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