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Report Financial/Administrative Corruption

Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority

An e-service provided by the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), which enables beneficiaries to report any administrative or financial corruption without the need to visit the entity.

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  • Register in the website, your account will be activated when you receive an SMS for confirmation.
  • Access the website using your name and password, You can access all the e-services, including submitting reports,When you select (Submit Report Service).
  • a page of your personal information will appear as well as questions about your confidential information, and if you ever submit a report to other agencies.
  • Fill in the information of the agency that you want to report for corruption with clarification of the corruption incident. Move to the next page to upload attachments of the report (if any), then submit your report.
  • You will receive a message on your mobile confirming the arrival of the report to the Authority, containing the number of the report to communicate with the authority and enquiring if you wish.
  • You can review your report and its status via the Commission (Nazaha) website or application.
  • The entity against which report is submitted must be one of the public entities in the country or companies in which government owns no less than (25%) of its capital.
  • The report should be clearly formulated and include specific facts that searchable and traceable.
  • Attach evidences that the whistleblower has to support the veracity of his communication, if any.
  • None

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