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Issuing a Commercial Register

Ministry of Commerce

​This service enables you to issue a commercial registration electronically to practice commercial activities.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Log in to the Saudi Business Center platform
  • Login with the website account or the national access
  • Organization data
  • Specify the applicant as the owner of an organization or authorized person
  • Determine the type of trade name
  • Choose the type of establishment and activity in the trade name
  • Fill in the record and fiscal year data
  • Fill in your address and contact information
  • Acknowledgment of the validity of the data entered
  • Click to submit the application
  • The age should not be less than 18 years.
  • The owner should not be a government employee.
  • The capital should not be less than 5000 riyals.
  • No Requirements

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