External Visitor Request Service

Al Baha University

This service allows the student to study some courses outside the university.

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'- sign in - electronic services Submit a new application - Select "External Visitor Request", then fill in the required fields - Then press "Execute"
The student must have studied at the college he joined as a regular student for at least two semesters before his request to study as a visiting student at another university. Attach a description of the courses that the student will study at the other university. The approval of the student’s department head for his study after verifying that the course he will study outside the university is equivalent or equivalent in terms of its vocabulary, and that the number of his study units is not less than the study units of the course required to be equalized within the graduation requirements. The study must be in a recognized college or university. The grade of the visiting student in the course to be equalized should not be less than 60 numerically or its equivalent. The averages of the courses that are equivalent to the visiting student are not counted within his cumulative average, and the courses are recorded in his academic record with a grade (with) any external equivalency degree that does not affect the cumulative rate.

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