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Consumer Goods Exhibition License - Temporary Establishment

Saudi Conventions and Exhibitions General Authority

Consumer goods exhibition, which is a business event, organized by an establishment or company licensed to hold exhibitions with the aim of facilitating the meeting of buyers with sellers in an effective manner, and its visitors are from the public, and direct selling is allowed.

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• 3D design of the shape of the facility from inside and outside (photos or videos). • The owner of the event contracted with a company/establishment specialized in providing cleaning services • Exhibition identity, logo. • Marketing plan for the event. Risk management plan. (weather, crowds, electricity, ...) Waste and sanitation management plan. • Targeted entities for care. • The entities targeted to participate in the event, with mentioning the names of the entities (if any). • Quality of products • Attach a plan showing the area of the exhibition and the land in full, in addition to power generators, extension of electricity wires, emergency exits, distribution of surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, toilets, distribution of suites, path of entry and exit of visitors, parking lots and roads leading to the site from one of the engineering offices accredited by the General Administration of Civil Defense. • Capacity of power generators • Materials, extensions, cables, grounding and lighting extensions. • The strength of the external lighting, the interior and the height, and the direction of the direction of the lighting • Aerial photography of the site, showing the cars passing through the roads leading to the exhibition, the number of parking lots and their supporting services. The shape of the wings. • The organizational structure of the executive management of the event with the names of officials. • Estimated budget for costs and revenues. • The approval or non-objection of the municipality to hold the exhibition in the specified location. • In the event that there are entertainment or cultural events accompanying the exhibition, children's theater, music playing, presence of zoos, attendance of celebrities, or air and electronic games, we inform you that the approvals of the competent authorities must be attached to this.

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