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Entertainment events taking place at a specific time and place with the participation or the attendance of an audience, including entertainment shows or activities. The types of events include: live performances, festivals, entertainment exhibitions, theatrical performances, and entertainment activities.

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1- Enter the Tarfeeh portal 2- enter the licensing services 4- click License to Entertainment Event Permit Request 5- Agreeing to the terms and conditions 6-Click on Register now 7-Fill in the main information of the order 8- Fill in the fields for the entertainment facility information 9- In the event that you do not have an entertainment facility registered with GEA, another one is chosen 10- Accurately select the location 11- Fill in the location data 12- Fill the dates of the event 13-Please make sure of the start and end date and time of the event 14-The information of the event manager shall be filled in, to be communicated with by the representative of the GEA 15-Fill out all the activities to be held in the event by adding an activity and filling out the activity description 16-The capacity of the place and the numbers of attendees are determined and mobilized according to the health protocols currently in force 17-Please attach the following documents (establishment approval letter including event dates - event profile) 18-After completion, click on Submit 19-After submitting the application, the application will be studied, and you will then be able to complete the remaining documents upon the initial approval that will be provided to you to obtain the permits. Note that initial approval does not mean authorization for the event and it is forbidden to advertise the event until final approval is obtained 20- Completing the documents after the initial approval 21- Fill in the ticket data with all the details 22- Fill in all the details of the participating artists, performers, or visiting influencers for approval 23- Fill in all the details of the marketing plan 24- Fill in all social media details 25- Fill in the details of all the officials in the event according to the organizational structure of the event: for example, the event manager, the crowd officer, the marketing officer. 26- Upload all required documents 27- Upload all required documents, and use existing forms to upload any attachment 28- Clicking on Send 29- After uploading the documents, the application will be studied and you will be notified if approved

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