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General Entertainment Authority

Live entertainment shows taking place at a specific place and time for entertainment and including the independent shows with limited attendance or accompanying events authorized by other governmental bodies, or shows held in shopping centers.

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1- Enter the Tarfeeh portal 2- enter the licensing services 4- click Entertainment Show Permit Request 5- Agreeing to the terms and conditions 6-Click on Register now 7- Fill in the fields required for the main information of the entertainment show 8- Fill in the fields for the location information of the entertainment show 9- The region and city are selected from the options, and the location details are added accurately 10-The start and end dates of the entertainment show shall be filled in 11-All the activities to be held in the entertainment show shall be filled out by selecting the activities 12-The data of the type of attendance and the expected number of attendees will be filled in during the entire duration of the event 13-The approval of the venue for the entertainment show must be attached, including the date of the entertainment show (certified by the Chamber of Commerce). 14- After completion, click on Submit

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