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This service allows patients to view the details of upcoming appointments, view or print the appointment slip, add the appointment to the calendar and access the appointment site through the option (Go to the appointment), and register the appointment automatically through the application when arriving at the appointment in a simple way It saves time and effort on the patient. All patients can also book vaccination appointments or a COVID-19 test appointment. Family medicine patients can additionally book a new appointment and reschedule or cancel the appointment.

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Customer support • Click on the service link above to go to the Altakhassusi page. • If you are already registered on Altakhassusi, enter your username (National ID/ Iqama number) and your password • If you are not registered on Altakhassusi yet, please follow the steps to register for the Altakhassusi service • Click on the " Service " icon. • Click on the “Appointments” service. • To view the appointment details, choose the service you would like from the list of many options offered for appointments.

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