New Investor Registration

General Entertainment Authority

This service is to facilitate for the Applicant applying for investor registration to be able to apply for other licenses and supporting services.

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1- Enter the Tarfeeh portal 2- enter the Investors Registration 3- click New Investor Registration. 4-Agreeing to the terms and conditions 5-Click on Register now 6- The user enters the required date, commercial registration number, and national identity, and clicks on "Retrieve Commercial Registration Details". 7-Fill the location information 8-The user logs into “Social Media Information” and enters the data (if required). 9-The user must click upload to upload the document 10- The user must uploads the authorization letter if the user not the owner . 11- upload the documents and click submit order
Valid commercial registration certificate is required.

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Last Modified Date: 03/03/2023 - 3:32 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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