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Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

It is a service that enables investors to apply for an apiary license.

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"The applicant obtains a permit to practice the profession of beekeeping that is limited to Saudis only. The applicant owns an existing apiary (fixed or a mobile). Number the cells and stamp them with a non-removable seal. Make a board of no less than 50 x 80 cm in size from the sheet to be fixed at the apiary in a clear place where the information of the apiary is recorded. The fixed apiary is required to bring a true copy of a legal document to the site (title deed / lease / agricultural decision / lease contract from the ministry). Enter the coordinates of the location in Naama portal. The fixed apiary is required to specify the location in the decimal system. The apiary should not be in a desert area that lacks grazing bee plants. The apiary should be far enough from the population centers. The apiary should be away from sources of pollution such as pesticides or fertilizers warehouses. The apiary should be away from sources of repulsive odors for honeybee such as poultry projects and animal pens. The apiary should not be too close to another apiary site to avoid the problems and disputes resulting from the phenomenon of theft behavior between the apiary communities and the feeding of bees with alternatives during non-flowering seasons. Ask for the permit to transfer before moving the apiary from its current location from the ministry’s branch in the area to which the apiary is transferred."

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