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Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

It is a service that enables the investor to apply for a beekeeper's profession permit

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"Practicing the profession of beekeeping is limited to Saudis only. Attach a certificate of passing a training course (ministry courses, universities, government institutes, specialized institutes) with the ministry approval. That the implementing agency is one of the universities, government institutes, or private training institutes accredited by the ministry. The hours of the training course shall not be less than 25 hours, the duration of its implementation shall not be less than five days, and the practical part shall cover two-thirds of the hours of the course. The course must be in attendance, and the courses offered remotely are not accepted for the practical aspect For those who have an existing apiary, it is sufficient for the applicant to pass a test to assess his level of knowledge and skill in the methods of beekeeping and dealing with cells."

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