Adding Benefit Exchange Service To Social Insurance

Al Baha Municipality

This service allows each contributor of GOSI, who has a previous subscription period not less than one year, subject to the civil or military retirement laws, for which he has not been compensated, to request combining subscription period in the last law “Social Insurance Law.” The service aims to protect the pension rights of the citizen when he moves from work in the governmental sector to the private sector or vice versa, and to facilitate transfer between the public and private sectors. ​

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1. Access to service by clicking on the “Start Service” . 2. Login via personal account or Nafath. 3. Specify customer type as “Visitor”. 4. Choose the service “Adding a service to social insurance - benefit exchange” from the list of requests. 5. Enter the required data. 6. Agree to the acknowledgment and click on “Submit Application”.
1. The existence of a previous service of no less than 12 months subject to the civil or military retirement laws, and he was not compensated for it. 2. The applicant is currently on the job with the Social Insurance. 3. Submit a request to combine the previous service before the end of his service in the last law “Social Insurance Law”​ 4. The subscriber should not have received a reward or a retirement pension for the service to be included. 5. The joining request shall not be accepted if the subscriber age is greater than 59 years at the time of submitting the request, or if the reason for the end of service subject to the retirement system (civil or military) is disability.”

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