Renewal of a Building Permit

Holy Makkah Municipality

A service that allows the beneficiary to issue a renewal of his building permit.

Target audience
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Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
1/ Log in to the service through the Baladi platform. 2/ Select the license to be renewed. 3/ Determine the status of the building (construction has not started - the building is under construction - the building is existing). 4/ Choosing the designing engineering office (the approved designer) or retrieving it from the insurance in the event of an insurance. 5/ Choosing the supervising engineering office or getting it back from the insurance. 6/ Choosing a building contractor or getting it back from the insurance. 7/ Sending the application to the engineering office to complete the rest of the procedures. 8/ The status of the application can be monitored through the (My Requests and Permissions) page.
1/ Contracting with a designer engineering office. 2/ Payment of service fees 3/ Existence of an insurance policy in case construction has not started and the type of construction requires insurance.

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Last Modified Date: 03/03/2023 - 2:48 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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