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Saudi Industrial Development Fund

This service allows the beneficiary to add the agreements concluded with contractors and to add invoices, payment methods and dates

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Login to the electronic loan system Choose my loans from the list of requests on the right Select the Loan Details menu, then click on the Loan Activities icon under the More column The Loan Activities window appears. Choose the Agreements Payment Invoice option Click on Add Payment to add payments, if any The Add Payment window appears, complete the payment information and click the Save button Click on Add Invoice to add invoices, if any A window for adding invoices will appear, complete the invoice information, then click the Add button, then the Save button Click on the Add Agreement button A window will appear to add the agreement. Fill in the agreement data To add a new contractor to the list, click on the Add Contractors button in the Add Agreement window, or choose a contractor from the list Enter the contractor's data, then click on Save in the Add Contractor window to save and add the contractor to the list Finally, click on the Save button in the Add Agreement window to save and submit the application

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