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Industrial Digital Transformation Program

Saudi Industrial Development Fund

An e-service that enables industrial investors to request the industrial digital transformation program to develop the map of transformation to the fourth generation of industrial and improve productivity by employing the latest technologies, developing work mechanisms and raising the efficiency of operations

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Click on the login icon and log in if it was registered before, or click on the new registration link In the case of a new registration, the necessary data must be completed, except for the integrated data with the entities, which will appear automatically, enter the temporary password, then agree to the terms and conditions, press submit to create a new account, then press login and enter the verification code After logging in, click Preliminary Application, then Create Preliminary Application from the list of applications, then choose the type and enter the required data, then press Next, such as the industrial license type, number, and start date, then click Next Enter the required information in each list, such as sector details, license, main company, product, ownership, real estate, other investments, authorized person, and documents, knowing that the integrated data with government agencies will appear automatically, then press submit When the initial application is approved, the loan application can be submitted by selecting the loan application from the list of applications, then click Create Loan Application, choose the approved initial application, click on the Procedures icon, then choose I accept, then click Accept and Continue Enter the required information in the project information list, then click Next Enter marketing information, then click Next Enter the technical information, then click Next Enter the financial information, then click Next In the checklist, if all the required information is complete, click Apply to submit the loan application

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