Issuing License for Manufacturing of Military Explosives

General Authority for Military Industries

GAMI’s licenses authorizing the licensee to exercise the activities of developing, manufacturing, storing, promoting, selling, reselling, leasing and testing military products.

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1. Applying for the License for military manufacturing 2. Reviewing the application and conducting field inspection 3. Paying the financial payment and obtaining the license 4. Applying for the final industrial license 5. Field inspection and issuance of final industrial license
After obtaining all necessary approvals from all relevant entities, the applicant shall communicate with GAMI regarding requesting the issuance of the Permit for Military Manufacturing and attach the following documents: 1. Valid Establishment Permit for Military Manufacturing issued by the Authority. 2. Certificate of establishment building completion from the host or permit by a military establishment. 3. Security and safety certificate or letter from the Higher Commission for Industrial Security. 4. Actual information about manufacturing, including but not limited to: 1 Actual information about military products that the applicant is willing to manufacture, including type and description of the product 2 Maximum capacity of each production line 3 Materials and components used in manufacturing each product (top 5 categories based on quantity and value) 4 Actual information of development (for initial products), including but not limited to: 5 Actual information about the development scope, including scope description and available capacities (if any). 5. Receipt of paying the financial compensation for issuing the license after issuance of the Authoritys approval on license issuance. 6. Notifying the Authority of any change in the documents submitted in order to obtain the establishment permit.

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