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Determining the Sea Pier

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

An e-service provided by the Saudi Ports Authority in FASAH system, which enables port operators to determine the date and time expected for the berth and to determine the berth the vessel anchor before its arrival at the Saudi ports.

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Log in the service website FASAH system by the link. ,Enter the user name and password .,Select (Community Ports) from the drop-down list next to the (login). ,(Click on (Login. ,Click on Ship arrival notifications to display the options that fall under it. ,Click Notifications to show received notifications., Click (notifications) to browse received notifications, select one, or search for a specific notification from the search screen, and then click on it. ,through notification data screen.Move to designated piers section , Then enter date and time expected for the docking, Plus the required piers . ,After entering the information ,click on( Update)to send. ,The applicant will be notified of the completion process.

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