Application for Postgraduate Online Admission

King Saud University

This service enables the citizens to apply for the university to complete postgraduate studies.

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Access to the Graduate Admission Portal. ,Register a new application. ,Fill out the required data. ,The beneficiary receives a message with a user name and password. ,The beneficiary logs in. ,Selection of application for postgraduate studies. ,Fill in the complete details. ,Send the request. ,Print the form.
For accepted students, they must send certified copies of the graduation certificate, academic transcript and other required documents to the Deanship of Graduate Studies - Admission Unit – P.O. Box 1241 Riyadh 11431. ,You can also submit the required documents to the Deanship of Graduate Studies - Admissions Unit in person. For female students, the documents should be sent to the Female Branch of the Deanship of Graduate Studies, note that it is not required to attach ,The students cannot apply for more than one major within the same period of submission

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