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Human Resources Development Fund

This service supports job seekers during their job search by offering a monthly assistance of SR 2,000 for 15 months. In addition, it provides a wide range of job placement and training services that pave the way for them to join the job market. It targets Saudi nationals in the first two years of completing their education or their training, as well as those who has resigned or left their work for more than two years.

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  1. Log in and register in (Taqat) website.
  2. A password will be sent to your mobile.
  3. Log in to the website.
  4. Complete necessary details.
  5. Apply for an Unemployment Financial Assistance.
The job seeker must be a Saudi national. ,The applicant must be a resident in Saudi Arabia for not less than 10 month at the time of applying for the program or during the time s/he receives the financial assistance. ,Capable to work and serious in searching for a job. ,Age between 20-40. ,Not an employee in the public or private sectors. ,Not receiving retirement pay. ,Not receiving any payment or unemployment assistance. ,Not receiving any assistance under the social welfare system. ,Not a student at any education institution or a trainee. ,Not holding a commercial registry. ,The monthly income or personal wealth should not be higher than the eligibility limit set for receiving the financial assistance. ,The applicant should not have received any financial assistance under the Job Searching Employment Program or the Difficulty in Job Searching Employment Program. Nevertheless, the previous beneficiary can be eligible for the Job Seeker Support Program on a condition that s/he has not exceeded 15 months of being supported under any of the unemployment assistance programs. ,When submitting an application, the applicant should consider two factors: submitting the application within 24 months from the date of completing your education or training program, and submitting the application after 24 months from the date of resignation.

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