Government Data Update Service

Ministry of Investment

It is a service that aims to reach the "Integrated e-service" through updating government data of investment entity licensed by the Ministry of Investment to reach reliable and updated government database by direct linkage to "YESSER" system without the need to attach government documents from the entity.

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The website – E-Services Portal
1. Update - for once only - is mandatory for all licensed entities, holding a license of two years or more, that did not provide Ministry of Investment with the data in earlier time. 2. The service shall be suspended for licensed entities that have a shortage or mismatch in government documents figures with "YESSER" data until updating their government data in the electronic system of Ministry of Investment, and verification of data on compliance with the "YESSER".

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Last Modified Date: 03/03/2023 - 12:10 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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