Maturity Assessment

National Center for Public Agencies Performance Measurement

A service provided by Adaa to public entities which assesses their current maturity level and provides them with criteria which when applied their maturity level should increase. The entity that is getting assessed answers a survey that contains 53 questions, each question has 5 levels, each level has one or more criteria, if the assessment is deep dive assessment, the entity needs to upload supporting documents to prove that they have it. Then Adaa does the assessment and issue the report.

Target audience
Not specified
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
Register email account for the entity – By ADAA Recive the registeration email – By the entitiy Account activation- By the entity Log in the platform- By the entity Complete the assessment – By the entity
The entity should be one of the on boarded entities – there might be an exceptions due to agreements

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Last Modified Date: 04/03/2023 - 7:13 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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