Pension Identification

Agricultural Development Fund

This service allows printing identifications in an approved and documented format to be submitted To Whom It May Concern and it includes [name- National ID number- Reference number- QR code for verification] Types of identifications: Retired Pension identification Pension identification in English Pension identification and bank account number Identification of retirement Identification of pension with deductions Detailed Identification for those entitled to retirement pension (civilian/military) Beneficiary and payee for a beneficiary: Pension identification Subscriber: Letter of acceptance of join letter Letter of acceptance of withdrawal request to add previous government services Letter of acceptance of withdrawal request to be added to the social insurance Visitor: Evidence that there is no pension Letter of acceptance of the withdrawal request to be added to Social Security

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Go to the General Organization for Social Insurance website or application Go to the "Services" section Choose "Individual Services" Choose "Military and Civil Retirement" Click on the "Definitions" icon from the side menu. Choose the desired definition
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