Allocate Beneficiaries

General Organization for Social Insurance

This service allows beneficiaries from the heirs of the deceased pensioner to apply for beneficiary allocation application who are entitled to pension settlement via e-portal and enter the basic data and then ensure validity and that the remaining data is completed through integration with the relevant government agencies.​

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Go to the General Organization for Social Insurance website or application Go to the "Services" section Choose "Individual Services" Choose "Military and Civil Retirement" Define the customer type as "Visitor". Click on the "Customize Beneficiaries" icon from the request list. Enter the required data. Click on "Submit Request"
The applicant must be one of the heirs. Availability of the deceased pensioner's heirs deed number. Provide dates of birth and mobile numbers for all heirs.

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Last Modified Date: 04/03/2023 - 7:55 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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