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Employees Complaints Platform

Northern Borders University

The employee grievance platform is one of the electronic platforms through which Northern Border University employees can submit their grievances, both in administrative, financial, and employment matters, and leave for the grievance committee that reviews these grievances.

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1- The platform is entered through the employee’s official account from the university’s electronic services. 2- The data for the employee must be imported automatically from the ERP self-service portal. The employee must enter his data, with no acknowledgment of the validity of the data provided. 3- All fields must be automatic from the ERP system. 4- The platform does not classify grievances according to main areas 5- After the employee is registered to log in automatically, he must choose the type of grievance. 6- A brief explanation of the subject of the grievance, up to 50 characters. 7- An explanation of the grievance, up to 500 characters. 8- Upload the attachments accompanying the grievance in PDF format. 9- Sending the grievance.

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