Request to Classify a New Engineering Office

Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

A service that enables users to submit a business classification certificate request by the user if they did not have a classification certificate before.

Target audience
10.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • The user chooses the business classification service from the main screen of the business classification portal.
  • The user logs into the system.
  • The main business classification screen appears to the user.
  • The user chooses the type of classification (classification of engineering offices).
  • The user enters the engineering office license number and presses the (Search) button.
  • The system displays the engineering office information to the user.
  • The user presses the (Submit) button.
  • After opening the classification request, the system sends 2 SMS to the applicant via the mobile phone.
  • The system sends an email to the user (after the classification request).
  • The system performs processes to determine whether the company has a credit rating and technical standards certificate.
  • The system displays a screen that includes the results of the previous operation, if the company does not have a credit rating; A button will appear for the user to submit a credit rating request (the credit rating is explained in a separate document), but if the company does not have a technical standards certificate, a button will appear for the user to go to the Saudi Engineers Authority link.
  • The value of the technical standards is received from the Saudi Council of Engineers through the API and is an initial percentage.
  • The system retrieves the total score of positive and negative values for the user.
  • The system calculates and displays the final percentage (of the technical rating) based on the UC05 technical support settings.
  • If the company has a certificate of technical standards and a credit rating, a button (Print Rating) will appear.
  • The user presses (Print Rating).
  • The system calculates the rating.
  • After the application is completed and the certificate is ready for printing, the system sends an SMS to the user.
  • The system sends an email to the user (after issuing the certificate).
  • The system displays a screen (Classification Certificate).
  • The user clicks (attachment of the certificate) to browse and print the classification certificate.
  • The user must have a credit rating.
  • The user must have a certificate of technical standards.

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