Issuance of a New Craft License

Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

A service that aims to submit qualification requests for workers in specific professions and to ensure that they fulfill the requirements for a craft licensing.

Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  • Entering the Balady portal through the unified access (Absher).
  • Choose a craft licensing service.
  • Verify the mobile number.
  • Identifiy the applicant (on his own behalf, the owner of an establishment or an authorized person).
  • Verify user data and eligibility to use the service.
  • View user data.
  • Verify that the requirements for issuing a craft license are fulfilled.
  • The possibility to apply for scientific accreditation in order to fulfill the requirements of the craft licensing.
  • The possibility of applying to complete a training course in order to fulfill the requirements of a craft licence.
  • Print craft licenses for workers who meet the requirements.
  • Proof that the worker works in a profession subject to the craftsman license.
  • Proof that one of the establishment's activities is an activity subject to a craft licence.
  • Fulfilling the requirements of a craft licence, according to the profession.

Last Modified Date: 27/04/2022 - 3:16 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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