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Managing National Address

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This e-service allows citizens and residents who registered with the national address to manage their registered national addresses without the need to visit the entity. It enables them to update their national address website and print a document proving their residence address. This document represents the beneficiary's residential address and can be used in communication to receive mail, documents, and shipments.

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Citizen, Resident
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1.0 Days(s)
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Customer support

  • Log in to the using your username and password registered in Absher platform.
  • Log in with the National Single Sign-On.
  • Click (Start Service).
  • Choose Update Address / Proof Address.
  • If "Update Address" is chosen then fill Property information , Address Information , and summary.
  • If "Proof Address" is chosen then a proof of address will be previewed and ready to prin.
  • After submitting: you will receive a notification of transaction number.
  • To be registered in the National Address.

  • The new address should be correct.

  • ID or Iqama (Residence Permit).


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