Zawaj - E-Marriage Contract

It is an electronic service that is provided by the Ministry of Justice. This service helps in documenting marriage data and finalizing marriage contract easily and conveniently. The service allows the beneficiary to register his data and the data of the marriage contract, and then book an appointment with the marriage official to have the marriage contract electronically and documented, without his presence at the court.

  • Fill in the information of the wife, husband and the wife’s guardian.
  • Fill in the conditions of the husband and wife as well as the details of dowry. 
  • Fill in the statements of witnesses.
  • Select the date and place. 
  • Select the marriage official for the marriage contract appointment. 
  • The marriage official will verify electronically the entered information.
  • The marriage official will verify the availability of the essential elements and conditions of marriage and that the marriage is free from impediments.
  • The marriage official attends the marriage contract electronically.
  • The marriage contract is documented electronically.

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