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Registration of Marriage Contract

Ministry Of Justice

It is an electronic service that is provided by the Ministry of Justice. This service helps in documenting marriage data and finalizing marriage contract easily and conveniently. The service allows the beneficiary to register his data and the data of the marriage contract, and then book an appointment with the marriage official to have the marriage contract electronically and documented, without his presence at the court.

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  • Fill in the information of the wife, husband and the wife’s guardian.
  • Fill in the conditions of the husband and wife as well as the details of dowry. 
  • Fill in the statements of witnesses.
  • Select the date and place. 
  • Select the marriage official for the marriage contract appointment. 
  • The marriage official will verify electronically the entered information.
  • The marriage official will verify the availability of the essential elements and conditions of marriage and that the marriage is free from impediments.
  • The marriage official attends the marriage contract electronically.
  • The marriage contract is documented electronically.

  • National ID information from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Power of Attorney and deeds information from the Ministry of Justice.
  • A medical examination should have been conducted in the accredited health centers or hospitals prior the appointment with the marriage official (Ma’zoun).
  • If the bride is a divorcee, she should submit a copy of her divorce decree.
  • If the bride is a widow or her father is deceased, she should submit a copy of the deed of determination of heirs.

  • Supporting documents must be presented in accordance with the requirements of the service's electronic form.
  • If the wife is divorced, the number of the electronic divorce document or a copy of the physical divorce deed must be submitted.
  • If her husband is deceased, the notarization number of the deceased's heirs, if electronic, or a copy of the certificate of counting the heirs, if paper, must be provided.
  • Provide all of the information about the marriage contract's parties (husband, wife, wife's guardian or representatives, and witnesses).
  • All contract parties and witnesses must be over the age of 18, and if the husband or wife is under the age of 18, a certificate of approval for early marriage issued by the relevant court must be present. Additionally, all parties must have a verified mobile number in Absher.
  • The woman's guardian must be chosen in accordance with the order of the woman's legal guardianship. Also, a proof of the transfer of guardianship from the parent to someone else must be presented.
  • If one of the marriage partners is Saudi and the other is not, he or she is subject to the "marriage of a Saudi to a non-Saudi regulation" issued by Minister of Interior Decision No. 6874 dated 20/12/1422 AH.
  • If the applicant is an agent, a legal power of attorney or a written authorisation must be submitted once it has been ratified by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Documents issued outside the Kingdom must be validated by the Ministry of Justice.
  • If the applicant is a power of attorney under an external agency, it must be validated, and a documented authorization must be added to the application if it is not verified.

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