Criminal Record Certificate

This service enables an agency to request and print the certificate of criminal record for the person concerned. The person concerned can review, approve or reject requests send from the agencies via this service. He/she can also review previously received applications, whether they are approved or rejected, during their validity period.

  • The agency should log in to Amen portal to request the service.
  • Select “Request for Criminal Record Certificate."
  • Select the nationality of the person concerned.
  • Fill in the ID number and the date of birth of the person concerned.
  • Fill in the purpose for requesting this certificate.
  • Pay the service charge.
  • The person concerned may log in to Absher platform.
  • Select the required service.
  • The person concerned can review the request of the criminal record certificate.
  • The person concerned can accept or reject the request.
  • The agency (who requested the certificate) may log in to Amen portal.
  • Go to the page of criminal record certificate requests, then select (Reports).
  • Enter the request number then click (Search).
  • Review and print the certificate.

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