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Adding and Modifying Building Components

Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

An e-service enables beneficiaries to request modifying the components of a building permit.

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Individuals, Businesses, Government, Citizen, Resident, Corporations, Community associations
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Service launch date: Sep 26, 2022, 7:00:00 PM GMT


  • Log in to the unified access portal.
  • Select construction license services
  • Select the service of adding and modifying building components.
  • Identify the required municipality.
  • Enter the number and date of the license to be added or modified
  • Select an engineering office.
  • Send the application to the specified engineering office
  • Complete the data and attachments of the application from the engineering office and send the request to the municipality.
  • Checking application data, attachments and approvals by the municipality.
  • Approving the application from the municipality and issuing SADAD invoice.
  • Print the license.


  • Compliance with the municipal licensing requirements list (if any).
  • Contracting with an engineering office.
  • Pay the service fee.
  • Having a building permit.

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