An e-service enables beneficiaries to cancel a Kiosk License.

  • Log in to the unified access portal.
  • Select professional license services.
  • Select the service of canceling a professional license.
  • Identify the required municipality and enter the license number.
  • Retrieve license data and determine geographical location if it is not located.
  • Pay the fees and Print the document of canceling the license.
  • The inspector goes to inspect the Kiosk, validate data and submits the inspection report.
  • Approving the application from the Municipality and paying fees if the cancellation data differ from the observer's report.
  • The cancellation service is immediate in Balady unless the applicant is an agent, authorizer or there is a contract with a cleaning company for the expired licenses.
  • The service becomes not instant and the request is sent to the municipality.
  • SADAD invoices are issued.
  • After payment, the cancellation document can be printed.

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