An e-service enables beneficiaries to cancel a license of pavement works.

  • Log in to Balady portal.
  • Select (Porfissional Licenses) services.
  • Select licenses of pavement works.
  • Select (Canceling Street Trading License).
  • In the service definition screen, the stages are started by first going to the license query screen, then view the license data, and fill in the necessary values.
  • Fees are then calculated and a payment number is issued.
  • After issuing the payment number, the system will display the confirmation message and ask the user to press the Yes button if he is sure to cancel the license or the No button if he wishes to undo the cancellation process.
  • If the Yes button is pressed, the system issues the payment number and asks the user to make the payment in order to be able to print the license.

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