Reporting Violations of Labor Regulations (Ma3an Rasd)

This e-service allows the users to report any violations of labor regulation in the private sector. Their reports will be sent to the responsible team in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. As a result, this will create cooperation frameworks and connection to activate the monitoring and reporting process between the citizen and the Ministry towards workplace without violations.
  • Click on the service’s link.
  • Download the mobile application.
  • Submit the report through the website and register in Absher.
  • Choose the type of report among the three types.
  • Completion of the report form.
  • Entre the report automatically into the CMR system.
  • Completing the procedures within the institutional inspection program "TAMAM".
  • After Submission: The status of the report will appear in the application after the procedure is completed so the user can track the request.

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